Matthew Fields is CSMTA's 2014 Commissioned Composer

We are pleased to announce that Matthew Fields has been named CSMTA's Commissioned Composer for 2014. CSMTA issues an annual Call for Scores and commissions a piece that is premiered during the State Conference. CSMTA Commissioned Composers compete at the national level for the MTNA Commissioned Composer of he year. Mr. Fields composition will be premiered during the annual CSMTA Conference between June 4-6, 2014 at the University Center for the Arts, in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Mr. Field was the winner of the League-ISCM Composers' Competition (2006), Second Prize in the Composers Competition of the Michigan Music Teachers Association (2012), a spot at Minnesota Orchestra Composers Institute and Reading Sessions (2006), First Prize in the Ferruccio Busoni Society Composition Contest (1991), the Regents' Fellowship at University of Michigan, The Johnson-Maile Fellowship at Stanford, and various other honors. Matthew H. Fields of Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA is an independent composer by night and a computer programmer by day.
Born 1961 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Matthew H. Fields grew up in and completed the public schools of Deerfield, Illinois, and earned degrees in music composition from Oberlin Conservatory, Stanford University, and University of Michigan, as well as a degree in mathematics from Oberlin College.
Over the years, Fields has maintained affiliations with ASCAP, AMC, SCI, ACF, BIMC, Kalvos and Damien, the National Center for Science Education, and Sierra Club, among others.

Mr Field's website is