MTNA Competition

2017 MTNA Competition at the University of Colorado - Boulder

Event date: Saturday, October 21, 2017
Location: College of Music. University of Colorado - Boulder
                 18th St, Boulder, CO 80302
Application deadline: September 13, 2017, 3:00 P.M. EST
Chair: Dr. Alejandro Cremaschi, NCTM

The 2017 Colorado MTNA Competition is scheduled for Saturday, October 21, 2017 at the University of Colorado - Boulder's College of Music. Application forms and guidelines are now available at:
Entry deadline: September 13, 2017, 3pm Eastern Central Time.

Click here for a flyer you can share with your students.

The 2017-2018 West Central Division competition will be held at the University of Iowa on January 12-14, 2018.
The National Finals will be held during the MTNA Conference at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida on March 17-21, 2018.

Be sure to check these Repertoire Listing Dos and Don't below.

MTNA sponsors a national competition in performance and composition that is open to members and non-members.  Each state association is responsible for holding and staffing the first round of competitions. CSMTA holds their MTNA Competition in October and volunteers are needed to help as Inside Monitors, Outside Monitors, Registration and Hospitality. To volunteer at the CSTMA MTNA Competition, please contact the Colorado MTNA Competition Chair listed in Notes and News under Student Activities.

2017 Colorado State MTNA Competition Results

2016 Colorado State MTNA Competition Results

Elementary Composition Winner
Sebastian Maa
Teacher: Irina Moreland

Elementary Composition Honorable Mention
Sloane Maa
Teacher: Irina Moreland

Junior Composition Winner
Mason Marcy
Teacher: Jodie Jensen

Junior Composition Honorable Mention    
Ben Trader
Teacher: Susan Banning

Senior Composition Representative
Joshua Maddox
Teacher: Arlyce Black

Junior Piano Winner
Elizabeth Lo
Teacher: Irina Moreland

Junior Piano Alternate
Karmen Grubisic
Teacher: Dr. Andrew Cooperstock

Junior String Representative
Kirstie Ko (violin)
Teacher: Alexander Raab

Senior Piano Winner
Vadim Mathys
Teacher: Elena Mathys

Senior Piano Alternate
Grace Davenport
Teacher: Dr. David Korevaar

Senior Piano Honorable Mention    
Elisabeth Enssle 
Alan Yu
Teacher: Elena Mathys

Senior Voice Winner
Meg Brilleslyper
Teacher: Barbara Taylor, NCTM

Senior Voice Alternate    
Brenna Pavey
Teacher: Barbara Taylor, NCTM 

Senior Voice Honorable Mention   
Leanne Rubinstein
Teacher: Barbara Taylor, NCTM 

Senior String Winner
Jory Lane (violin)
Teacher: Karine Garibova

Senior String Alternate
Eunice Chen (cello)
Gal Faganel

Senior Woodwind Representative 
Kaitlin Wicklein (flute)    
Teacher: Brook Ferguson

Senior Piano Duet Representative 
Adelaide Anderson & Mauri Syddall   
Teacher: Deborah Turnbull

Young Artist Piano Winner
Grace Burns
Teacher: Dr. David Korevaar

Young Artist Piano Alternate
Sarah Rushing
Teacher: Dr. David Korevaar

Young Artist Piano Honorable Mention  (2)  
Andrew Ramos
Jonathan Morris
Teacher: Dr. Andrew Cooperstock

Young Artist Woodwind Representative 
Margaret Sloyer 
Teacher: Christina Jennings

Chamber Music String Representative    
UNC String Quartet:
Katharine Kerwin (violin)
Tyler McKisson (viola)
Owen Rooney (violin)
Brett Andrews (cello)
Teacher: Dr. Gal Faganel

Chamber Music Wind Representative    
CU Horn Quartet:
Jason Friedman
Jordan Miller
Maggie Rickard
Cort Roberts
Teacher: Michael Thornton

Dr. Svetozar Ivanov
Dr. Sam Welsh
Dr. Grace Asquith, NCTM
Dr. Zahari Metchkov
Helen Gleason
Dr. Chi-chen Wu
Amanda Balestrieri
Dr. Michelle Stanley
David Crowe
Rachael Hutchings 
Dr. Stephen Fiess 
Holly Tripp 

Lamont School of Music Scholarship Recipients: 
Many thanks to Mary Beth Shaffer, Summer Academy Director for making the following scholarships possible:
Winners receive a $500 scholarship and Alternates receive a $250 scholarship.
    Senior Piano Winner:               Vadim Mathys
    Senior Piano Alternate:            Grace Davenport
    Senior String Winner:               Jory Lane
    Senior String Alternate:            Eunice Chen
    Senior Voice Winner:                Meg Brilleslyper
    Senior Voice Alternate:             Brenna Pavey
    Senior Woodwind Rep.             Kaitlin Wicklein